Sitting Bull Standing Tall

"Sitting Bull Standing Tall" is a poignant homage to Chief Sitting Bull's enduring spirit, invoking his wisdom to inspire a contemporary audience to stand tall for ecological integrity and equality. In this captivating short film, viewers are swept into a rhythmic voyage where the soulful trance drumming of Muruga Booker provides the heartbeat to our awakening.

Narrated by Muruga, the film carries us through the rich tapestry of Chief Sitting Bull's teachings, illustrating how his insights speak directly to the pressing issues of our time—namely, the need for spiritual awakening and ecological mindfulness as foundations for true equality among all beings.

Muruga Booker's artistry is on full display as his narration, paired with his trance drumming, not only pays tribute to the great Lakota leader but also crafts an ambient landscape where spirit, ecology, and equality converge seamlessly. This creative blend serves as both a lamentation and a beacon of hope, signaling that we have the potential to honor our interconnectedness with the natural world in every action we take.

Engage with "Sitting Bull Standing Tall" available for rent or purchase on Vimeo, and join the chorus of voices advocating for a future where the delicate balance of our environment is recognized as the cornerstone of social justice and the well-being of future generations.

The film's soundtrack pulses to the rhythm of Muruga Cosmic Boogie, enhanced by collaborations with iconic talents such as Martha Reeves, Dennis Coffey, Shirley Haydin, Ping Spells, and The Mad Dabber 710. Highlight tracks include the stirring "Tree of Life" and the groove-infused "Boogie With You (To Keep the Earth Afloat)," each song lending its unique vibe to the movie's ambiance and message.

A Media Stream LLC Film
Directed by Muruga Booker
Produced by Muruga Booker and Aaron V. Bookvich
Co-Produced by Kristen Bookvich
Executive Produced by Jerry Glassman, Philip Glassman, Steven Bookvich, Aaron V. Bookvich, and Patricia Bookvich
Music by Muruga Booker and Muruga Cosmic Boogie
Lyrics by Muruga Booker and Jerry Glassman
Art by Muruga Booker

  • Sitting Bull Standing Tall


    We must all Stand Tall for Spiritual Ecological Equality. The wisdom of Chief Sitting bull is still applicable 100 years after his death especially concerning the environment and human equality.

    Chief sitting bulls words are narrated over the trance drumming music of Muruga Booker who also provi...

  • Sitting Bull Standing Tall (Trailer)

    1m 44s

  • Boogie With You (To Keep The Earth Afloat)

    6m 57s — 1 text track

    A music video created and animated by Muruga Booker for the Muruga Cosmic Boogie song "Boogie With You (To Keep The Earth Afloat) featuring: Martha Reeves, Dennis Coffey, Shirley Hayden, Ping Spell, The Mad Dabber 710, and Muruga Cosmic Boogie.